About Us

NEUMA was created to give people the opportunity to experience performance without sacrificing their hair, health or the planet.


Decades of experience were put to work creating a groundbreaking hair care system that delivers all of the performance people expect from legacy brands, but with none of the sacrifice.


The result?
Salon professionals who use NEUMA in their salons report fewer hand, scalp and hair challenges and they have happier clients. Clients gain access to one of the cleanest professional result-focused hair care collections that improves hair quality and offers limitless styling options.

  • Instant results. Limitless style

    Instantly visible, dazzling results no matter what your hair style, type, condition or concern. When hair is styled, it stays that way. Brush-able memory, flake-free formulations, curl formation and re-formation for days!

  • Healthier hair & scalp

    Repeated, regular use of NEUMA helps normalize oil production. The benefit? Improved hair and scalp condition as well as better manageability and styling.

  • Every Style for Every One

    Whether clients wear boho, urban, minimalist or classic styles, there’s something for everyone. NEUMA’s innovative Style Collectives are more than hair art collections. It’s a better way to do business, giving salons & stylists disruptive merchandising strategies that lead to self-guided sales, increased revenue and renewed respect for stylist expertise.

  • Award-winning hair care

    NEUMA products continue to earn awards, recognition and accolades for its exceptional performance.

  • Favorite Eco Hair Care brand

    NEUMA is proud to have earned the title of “favorite eco hair care brand” for three consecutive years, courtesy of Beauty Launchpad Readers’ Choice awards.

  • 5-Star Performance

    A client favorite, NEUMA’s 5-star reviews say everything you need to know about what it can do for salons, studio suites and stylists.

  • Quality, renewable ingredients

    NEUMA products feature renewable, environmentally-responsible, plant-based ingredients that deliver specific benefits to the hair. We source the finest ingredients from around the world, including USDA NOP certified organic ingredients. We also manufacture our own products, giving us unparalleled quality control.

  • 100% certified wind-power offset

    NEUMA invests in wind power to minimize our impact on the planet.

  • Cruelty free and vegan

    PETA certified vegan and cruelty free since 2010.

  • 100% PCR recycled bottle

    We turn food-grade plastic waste into beautiful bottles and prevent it from ending up in landfills or polluting the ocean.

  • Sustainable

    NEUMA promotes paperless operations. We also use recycled or recyclable materials at every touch point in day-to-day operations. In 2019, we took it one step further and eliminated cardboard boxes from our promotions and replaced them with bio-degradable retail bags.

  • Vendor & distributor relationships

    We require progressive sustainability practices from all of our vendors and encourage them to match NEUMA’s core values.

  • Clean Manufacturing

    NEUMA is committed to applying green chemistry principles to our product development and continuing our commitment to clean manufacturing.

  • Free of synthetic fragrance

    Artificial fragrance is one of the dirtiest ingredients in beauty. NEUMA will not use artificial fragrance, synthetic aroma chemicals or artificial dyes. Our fragrances are created using the finest essential oils.

  • Innovative blonde care

    The world’s first blonde care system to use plant extracts rather than 100% artificial colorants.

  • No bad stuff

    What’s on the label is in the bottle. NEUMA prides itself on its transparency and will never with over more than 15 classes of ingredients known to be skin sensitizers, endocrine disruptors, neurotoxins, carcinogens or harmful to the environment.

  • CA Prop 65 compliant

    We never have and never will use any ingredient on the California Prop 65 ingredient list, ensuring the safest hair care available.

  • Gluten-free

    NEUMA does not formulate with ingredients known to promote gluten intolerance or sensitivity.